Best Ways of Approaching a Girl - Keeping it Casual Helps:

Many guys fail to understand that there is nothing technical about finding the good ways to approach a girl. There is no handbook or application that can guide you towards decoding the best ways of approaching a girl. This is something every man has to find out on his own. For instance, you might usually throw about the fact that you own a BMW to start conversations with women. However, when a girl is seriously rich herself, this strategy is bound to fail. Thus, it is advised that rather than trying too hard or experimenting with methods that don't seem right, it is better that you stick to the basics. The basic approach includes keeping it
simple and casual. This means never approaching a girl with your intentions clearly written on your face or expressed through your words. Your first steps towards a lady should be restrained. Your words should be carefully chosen. The vibe that emanates from you should be that of a friendly and confident man and not of a guy eagerly trying to dig out a date.

Ways to Approach a Girl You Like Via Online/SMS Chat

The virtual world is increasingly becoming a dating playground. There are hundreds of chatrooms and online forums where you can interact with girls. However, there is a big limitation to the virtual dating format, i.e. since you are connected via an artificial medium, it becomes harder to describe yourself or put forth your most impressive features. For instance, you might be a bodybuilder of sorts with really big biceps. However, during online chat sessions this feature is unlikely to engage attention unless you play your cards right. This means that when you initiate an online or SMS conversation with a lady, try to cleverly divert the discussions towards things that work in your feature. Continuing the example listed above, when she asks you about how your day is going, tell her you feel a bit sore from the heavy iron pumping you did in the morning. When she asks more about this, tell her about your bulging biceps. This is among the smarter ways of approaching a girl. This approach is indirect and keeps the ball in your court. It doesn't announce you as someone desperate and at the same time it ensures that women are interested in you.

Most Effective Ways to Approach a Girl Right - Include Some Form of Humor

What you need is a smooth passage into the realm of her attention. This applies to different ways of approaching a girl in the virtual and physical world. You cannot text across to a lady announcing that your sole intention to be in the chatroom is finding a girlfriend. All good ways of approaching a girl insist upon using humor first, followed by personal charm. Humor is the best conversation starter and the most useful ice-breaker. Once you can get a lady laughing, you have landed safely in her zone of attention. Now, it is time to unpack your qualities and try to impress her with them. If you want to use humor when approaching a girl online, you can use downloaded jokes and Emoticons. When you are trying to use humor to approach women in real life, you can use smart one-liners or even poke fun at yourself. Men who can joke about themselves are looked upon as confident people and women are usually magnetized towards confidence.



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